Our mission statement: We make water safe from bacteria, viruses & protozoa efficiently, economically and immediately, anywhere in the world there is a water source. Together we can make a critical difference in a family's future, in some cases ensuring their very survival and in all cases improving their well being.” - Michael Little, President.

micheal little2I'm Michael Little, the creator of the EP1H20 – Living Water System. This is the simple solution to a worldwide problem- the lack of safe water. There a simple story behind this device that I would like to share with you. It will help you to understand why it was so important that the Living Water System came to life.

Lynne O’Quinn is my lifelong friend and Executive Director of H.O.W. (His Outreach Worldwide). In 2011 Lynne, awoke from her sleep one night and began to write a children's book about Jesus. It was not long before these books were being translated into many languages and were being distributed around the world by many different mission trips.

kids aboutIn 2013, to see firsthand the villages around the globe where her books were being read, Lynne called me one night and was very upset. She was staying near the orphanage nursery in the town of Myanmar.
 Her concern was evident as she related to me tales of her travels. When I asked her, what was going on, she told me that it was heartbreaking to hear the children in the nursery crying. She knew that no matter what these children could learn about Jesus, many of them would not live to be able to celebrate the story.

These little ones were in pain from the effects of water borne illness stemming from lack of clean water. Like most children in the third world, these children were suffering the effects from the bacteria and parasites that present in their water source. Many of them would die because the water was not safe to drink. In every village, the children are the most susceptible to the water borne parasites and bacteria. Simply put, these children were sick and dying from the lack of the very thing we take for granted, clean drinking water.

livingwater working aboutAfter much research and several prototypes, we produced the first units, which we named the Living Water System.

The result is a simple filtration system that eliminates the viruses, bacteria and parasites that rob infants, children and adults of the benefits that having access to safe water provides.

Our system is easy to use for those with the most basic skills, and designed to last for many years with simple maintenance. The reservoir is made of high strength anti-microbial material and is designed for years of rugged use. The cost per gallon of water is .0001 cents ( $ 0.0001 ) over the lifetime of this easily maintained system.

We will continue working to help bring clean, safe water to every family that is without. Living Water Systems is the easiest and most self-sustaining way to provide clean water to families who lack this most basic of needs. Please find it in your heart to help these families. Go to our donation page to find out how you can help.

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We are a registered 501(c)(3) Organization - This means that all of your donations go towards our mission to provide Living Water Systems to as many families as possible. All of your donations are tax deductible.